Motivos laborales

Motivos laborales

Publicado en Fast Company, encontrado en el blog de Warren Ellis:

Should creative workers use cognitive-enhancing drugs?

(...) For those of you who haven’t been watching this trend, the dilemma is that certain pharmaceuticals intended to treat cognitive and neurological disorders —primarily, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy— and, when used by people without these disorders, provide a kind of cognitive boost. This usually means increased focus and concentration, but it can also mean better spatial reasoning, greater alertness, and improved clarity of thinking. As a result, it’s apparently becoming increasingly common for people in "knowledge work" professions to take these drugs as a way of improving their performance.

The mainstream debate on this subject seems to boil down to one side arguing that this is the knowledge work equivalent of athletes taking steroids, and the other side arguing that this is little different from using a more powerful computer, getting a better education, or any of the other steps we might take to improve our performance —it just happens to be pharmaceutical in nature.

El resto del artículo, aquí. Ahora: ¿¡dónde demonios están mis pastillas!?

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Muerta me deja la foto

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In-creible. Así se alimentan a los nuevos AKIRAS.

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Tengo tan clara la respuesta a la pregunta que da miedo decirla en voz alta.

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Esto se encuentra en España? Hace falta receta? No me iria mal en época de exámenes.